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Sasha Bogdanowitsch is a composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and educator, whose work includes music for theater, dance and film, interdisciplinary performance, concert music and original songs. He is a co-founder of World In One Pan Arts Collaborative (a non-profit arts organization whose purpose is to sponsor interdisciplinary collaborations), Vital Vox Vocal Festival, Loom Ensemble (interdisciplinary theater ensemble) & SoCorpo (vocal duo). Sasha has performed worldwide and throughout the New York area in venues such as: Carnegie Hall, Whitney Museum, Symphony Space, BAM and Roulette.   He currently performs solo and as a member of the Moving Star Vocal Ensemble and the folk trio, Up at Dawn. Sasha currently teaches world music, music theory and musicianship at Ramapo College and New Jersey City University.



"...has the power to transport the listener to another time and place."

I Care If You Listen, Ruth Carver


“Flamboyantly uninhibited Sasha Bogdanowitsch sang melodies with prerecorded overdubs of himself, capturing the rich vocal resonances of barbershop quartet in an equally mystical idiom.”


The Village Voice,  Kyle Gann,  New York City, NY


“Mr. Bogdanowitsch sang the melismatic vocal line with chantlike elegance.  The pleasant, quietly undulant music is awash with Pacific Rim exotica, but it had a kind of winning authenticity.”


New York Times, Anthony Tommasini, New York City, NY


“The piece takes place on a moody trans-cultural landscape in which the composer sings in an invented text and incorporates Indonesia- influenced dance movements around the stage.”


Los Angeles Times, Josef Woodard, Los Angeles, CA


“Bogdanowitsch makes music like quicksand: it sucks you in slowly, almost against your will, overwhelms you, then brings you out the other side disoriented but grateful.”


Middletown Press, Mei Tan, Middletown, CT


“ Bogdanowitsch gave a stunning performance- raising from a seated position to his knees during climatic parts, gesturing in broad waves and rolling his eyes back into his head in seeming ecstasy...”


Good Times, Rob Pratt, Santa Cruz, CA

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